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Internal Workshops  aim towards orienting the members, creating a team spirit and arriving at the raison d’ętre for the theatre group. At the initial stage this perhaps remains on a philosophical plane, since most of the members would yet have to pursue a parallel career. Later, since the aim of the initiative is to create a repertoire, each member would live out of and help generate resource for the initiative. These workshops promote the following three purposes.

              i. Regular workshops are conducted for the core members on different facets of theatre – Script, Set, Light, Make-up, Costume, Production designing etc. Experts within the group and outside are conducting these workshops.

     ii. Allied art forms are also explored through regular workshops. Some of the forms that have been explored during the first phase – Puppetry, Shadow Play, Dance and Song. A theatre collective is promoted to organise these workshops. The workshops has helped in showcasing the art form and build the talents of the theatre persons.

              iii. These workshops have helped  in capacity building of the team as a whole and create a unique place for the initiative within the cultural fraternity. These has also opened up a scope for dialogue between different artists on a common platform.

Theatre workshops with other civil society groups:

Aspiring theatre workers – (college students, young professionals) This would help tap more talents for the team and sensitise the young aspirants towards a repertoire way of life.  such workshops, in urban and in rural are being conducted every year. Theatre would be used to disseminate some positive thoughts on team spirit, gender, violence, the society at large and even spiritualism as an art of life and living.

ATG is also intending to organise theatre workshops with children.

   atg has organised a External Theatre Workshop at Mount Abu:

  23rd June to 25th June 2008

  Participents were 18

  Subject Experts were:

  Rajoo Barot
  Rudra Rana
  Akhand Vyas
  Deval Mehta
  Prem Gadhvi
  Kamal Joshi
  Kamal Shah
  --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

 27-28 March, 2010 at Diu

 Paricipants were : 18

 Subject experts were: Mr. Rajoo Barot, Mr. Paresh Vyas



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