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Saav Amaari Jaat Alag che



‘By keeping the windows closed, you create a border’, these are the words of the play.  And - at last the window of the house is the symbol of the window of one’s own self. After the killings of thousands of people in communal conflict, we have stopped asking a few questions to our selves.

This play brings out
a few questions – and one question;
Who are we?

Like the characters of this play, who have an answer.
we also have an answer –
we, are a different kind… 
The play begins with loud shlokas of Shradh (for death) and ends with shlokas of Vishwa Shanti (for peace) with a beautiful poem….for awakening the mass for peace …for discouraging ‘bhasmasoor’…(demon of destruction) by changing one’s self …by changing the false impressions and nurtured hatred inside us …
The Play is an effort of the theatre artists to visually create a desirable picture of a peaceful society by burning our hatred through  looking at differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’ differently …

      Iqbal Munshi
       Deval Mehta
 Rajoo Barot

Casts: Binita Bhatt/Jahanvi Dave, Roopa Mehta/Dolly Bhatt, Dipti Joshi, Lopa Namdar, Neha Ramanuj/Manisha Trivedi/Malu Sharma, Helli Thakkar/Tarika, Vishal Vaishya, Nisarg Trivedi/Prem Gadhvi/Hiren Patel, Rudra Rana/Devenra Dixit, Jigar Shah and Rajoo Barot


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