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The Diva who kept Aryaavart’s prestige enduring

Ramayana, the era old epic has been narrated and heard by many of us uncountable times while growing up. We certainly would ponder upon the question that which unhackneyed emotion or story or interplay does this era old epic have to narrate? This chronicle however has a million undiscovered truths and tales that help the contemporary human to achieve salvation.
The rational of this play is to unfold the character of Kaikeyi in an entirely disparate outlook and give justice to the much unheard side of her story.
Traditionally her character is perceived as the desperado’s. However, here is a very different allegory. Here she has been represented as a quixotic and visionary woman. The manifesto was not to give the royal throne to her son Bharata or to be honoured as “Raajmaata” or her highness. The manifesto was to figure out the path to protect the highest clan of humans, the Aryans from the demonic reign. Being a crafty visionary, Malyavaana (Ravana’s maternal father) dreamt of paving a deceitful path, where in one after another, every mighty character even Raavana became his pawns. According to his deceitful craft, Dashratha wasn’t enough competent as a king.
Propping out from the impressions of natural lusts, lures and temptations, she has been given the honour of a judicious sovereign. The homage doesn’t end here. Just for the sake of the Aryan clan and its protection, she could sacrifice her husband’s life and send her beloved half son Ram to the exile for 14 long years. She could even grease her character under the blot of an iniquitous woman for generations. Here her portrayal is that of a brave, courageous and magnanimous woman. This battle isn’t between Rama and Raavana, it is the battle between integrity and evil. 
The imagination of a beautiful utopia or Ram Raajya (as referred to in Indian texts) was originally Kaikeyi’s brainchild. It seemed to be the battle between Rama and Raavana but implicitly it was the war between Kaikeyi and Malyavaana.
Kaikeyi wasn’t shrewd but resourceful.  Warship, statecraft, doctrine or divinity; there was nothing she wasn’t excelling at. To attain the mightier picture, she could easily compromise with trifles, that too with reticence and audacity. She would never take refuge of moments. However, to attain the illustrious targets and protect them from any harm, she would hide a lot of secrecies along with the demand of time. Her understanding suggested that if a battle is fought within the boundaries of the motherland then even victory would be as good as failure, as a battle would adversely affect the kingdom’s education, economy, peace, citizens and beauty. She always enforced on warring in the regions of the enemy. She was undoubtedly the patron for the entire race of Aryans and was not just occupied with the security of Ayodhya. She had a discrete acumen to destroy the evil.

a t g
(Ahmedabad Theatre Group)
The Diva who kept Aryaavart’s prestige enduring

Novel: Shri Dolat Bhatt                
Poetry: Ghanshyam Gadhavi
Adaptation & Direction: Rajoo Barot
Kaikeyi: Vaibhavi Bhatt                            
Gadhavi (Narrator): Ghanshyam Gadhavi
Kaikasi: parinda Nai                                 
Dasharath: Kamal Joshi
Daasi: Neeta Pattani                                 
Saarathi: Chirag Parekh
Shoorpankha: Dipti Joshi                        
Sumantra: Iqbal Patel
Raam: vaishaakha Rathod
Bharat: Priyank Upadhyay
Jatayu: Druv Pandit
Maalyawaan: Rajoo Barot

Stage Manager: Chirag Parekh, Prafull Panchal, Harshdip Jadeja
Back Stage: Neeta Pattani, kaushal Pithadia, shivam Bhatt, Maharshi Jhaveri
Costumes: Arpita Dhagat    
Sets: Kabir Thakor                                                 
Make-up: Naimesh Tapodhan

Shadow Pupate: Nayan Bhil   
Pupate Operators: Prafull Panchal, Chirag Parekh, Neeta Pattani, Harshdeep Jadeja, Druv pandit, Kaushal Pithadiya, Khooshbu Trivedi, Shivam Bhatt, Nayan Bhil
Pupates Designed by: Divyesh Prajapati

Lights: Vaishakh Rathod, Kamal Joshi

Music: Nitish Parekh  Asst: Vikrant Doobe, Priyank Upadhyay
Singers: Rajoo Barot, Priyank Upadyay, Mosam-Malka Mehata, Nitish Parekh, Vikraant Doobe
Recording: Creatika Recording Studio, Akash Shah
Music Operation: Utkarsh Parmar
Publicity: Vishal Shah, Kuhoo Shah, Kalpesh Vadher

We are thankful to: Prof. Vijay Pandya, Kamlesh Chauhan, Banna & Baisa Butiq, Shivaranjani, Bharatsinh Vaghela

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