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Kashunk BhaaLi Gayelo Maanas

“Socrates”, is the classic testimony of the most remarkable period of Greek history (Peloponnesian War period). The story dawns with era of the staunchly democratic leader Pericles and his years of contribution towards the society of Athens and culminates when Socrates, the brilliant thinker, is sentenced to death by a venom quaff.
Greeks are known for their superior body built, and exquisite features. However, the story forms Socrates’ image as “protuberant lips, flat nose, huge and lost eyes” which are quite different from typical Greek masculine features. Who can call such a differently looking and thinking human an enlightened personality? What was true wisdom to Socrates? The reply we receive, is, true wisdom is the substance that makes us consistent, concentrated and convivial.
Athens had a typical code of conduct, and Socrates’ thought processes were rebellious towards those, and ultimately, as usual, it was suppressed by a death sentence. Society developed dislike and scorn towards him that made them hostile and reach to the conclusion that Socrates must be punished severely. Perhaps, his devotion and utmost patriotism for his native, Athens, did not fade a bit.  To him the law that governed his city was above everything and he was a law abiding citizen towards his society. He was motivated to leave Athens, save his life from punishment and settle down in Sparta which valued him and promised to take his care. But to him doing so was not only cowardice but also disrespect and swindling towards the law that had protected him and nourished him from the past 70 years.
This tale, gives us an insight to the three centres to struggle of the thinker, i.e., eminence of Athens, Democracy and the thought that enforces seeking of truth.

a t g ‘s
Kashunk BhaaLi Gayelo Maanas
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Cast List:
1. Hetal Modi 2. Mausam Mehata 3. Malka Mehata 4. Nupoor Shah 5. Vaibhavi Bhatt 6. Neeta Pattani 7. Parinda Nai 8. Morni Rathod 9. Neha Raval 10. Neema Shah 11. Shital

1. Rajoo Barot 2.  Jigar Shah 3. Hardik Chauhan 4. Shubham Chauhan 5. Jay Upadhyay 6. Ravi Patel 7. Utkarsh Parmar 8. Iqbal Patel 9. Hemant Soni 10. Bhupendra Holkar 11. Saunik  Oza  


1. Proclaim announcer – Bhupendra Holkar  
2. Dayomid’s Mother -  Neha Raval
3. Crishyas (young) – Utkarsh Parmaar
4. Socrates – Praveen Hirpara
5. Xanthippe – Deepti Joshi  
6. Crito – Malav Nayak
7. Media – Parinda Nai  
8. Crishiyas – Vishal shah / Kamal Joshi  
9. Aspasia – Vaibhavi Bhatt  
10. Pericles – Rajoo Barot
11. Cliyon – Hemant Soni
12. ApolloDorus – Vaishakh Rathod
13. Judges – Chandrark Bhavasar, Pulkit Shukla, Pratik Modi
14. Meno – Iqbal Patel
15. Wine Vendor – Kandrap  Shah
16. Harmippus – Gopal Barot / Dhruv Pandit
17. Anateus – Dipen Raval  
18. Ajes – Dhruv Trivedi  
19. Other Greek Representatives – Jay Upaadhyay,  Malav Nayak, Dhruv Pandit
20. Meletus – Maulik Pathak
21. Jailor – Khayal Dave
22. Soldiers – Kandarp Shah, Khayal Dave
23. Athenians – Anand Shah, Prafull Panchal, Dhruv Pandit, Sagar, Sumit Parekh, Jigar Goswami, Jigar Shah, Bhupendra Holkar, Malav Nayak, Hardik Chauhan, Shubham Chauhan, Saunik Oza, Ghanshyam Patel, Dilip Dave
24. Attendents to Media – Kuhoo Shah, Neeta Pattani, Mosam – Malka Mehta

Stage Manager – Anand Shah, Prafull Panchal, Sumit Parekh
Back Stage – Dhruv Pandit, Utkarsh Parmar
Sets & Lights: Kabir Thakor
Costumes & Props – Arpita Dhagat
Assistant – Vaibhavi Bhatt
Chorus Written by – Chirag Tripathi
Music – Nitish Parekh
Assistant – Priyank Upadhyay
Music Operator : Chinmay Parmar
Novel – Shri Manubhai Pancholi ‘Darshak’
Adaptation – Bharat Dave
Direction – Rajoo Barot

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