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About Ahmedabad Theatre Group

Ahmedabad Theatre Group, was born in 1992 out of a strong passion of some of the theatre professionals in Ahmedabad, who were desperately looking for a space to give expressions to their genuine creativity in the field of theatre. Plays such as ‘Sanak’, ‘Marma Bhed’(which won BBC play write competition award in 1982, as ‘A shaft of Sunlight’, written by Abhijat Joshi) and many others have paved a strong road for theatre activists to continue doing qualitative theatre.

We are a group of individuals stationed in different milieus of life. The common thread running amongst us is our love for theatre and the realisation that ‘theatre is not an art of individual, it is a group activity’.

One of the activity of Ahmedbad Theare Group is to come together as 'Tarz-e-thatter'. Since 1998 the group has been doing programs based on songs and  music from Gujarati Theatre. We have, over the years collected several songs and present it in formal and informal gatherings. These songs have been painstakingly collected by meeting old theatre persons, sitting with them, writing down the lyrics, recording the composition, getting more names of singers/theatre persons from them and move on…

Learning from the past we have realized that an institutional and entrepreneurial approach is essential for sustainability of theatre activity.

Ahmedbad Theare Group’s  objective is to have a meaningful and enjoyable theatre activities that would enrich the cultural arena of performing arts, in Gujarat. It aims to achieve this, through creating an enabling environment for the artists to develop one’s professional skills, ability and a platform to perform as well, help audience to have choices, through series of good quality production which they are able to appreciate.

atg has social concerns and provides inputs to social context through its performing art, in partnership    with various human Rights Organizations, such as  UTTHAN.

   For last two years some of the major initiative of  a t g are being supported by  HIVOS  through Unnati.


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