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Past Production

Kashunk BhaaLi Gayelo Maanas

“Socrates”, is the classic testimony of the most remarkable period of Greek history (Peloponnesian War period). The story dawns with era of the staunchly democratic leader Pericles and his years of contribution towards the society of Athens...

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Present Production


Ramayana, the era old epic has been narrated and heard by many of us uncountable times while growing up. We certainly would ponder upon the question that which unhackneyed emotion or story or interplay does this era old epic have to narrate...

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Mahabharata is source of inspiration of Indian lifestyle. The visionary of Bhagawan Vyasa’s philosophy is comprehensive and ageless, So it is said that ‘Not here , which is not anywhere...

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'Sanak' the spell binding suspense thriller . Sudden darkness a … brutal blow… a scream… and a beautiful lady converted into a corpse in the presence of five witnesses.! One of them,,.

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